Dog Walking

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation and many behaviour problems such as barking, chewing, digging, etc, are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. It is proven that exercise and the mental stimulation that comes with it could be the cure for some of these problems.

Our Dog Walking service is designed for those owners who may be out at work all day, are unexpectedly called away from home, are elderly, hospitalised or have other commitments. Dogs will receive a minimum of 40 minutes exercise (excluding travelling time) at a nearby wooded area. After having fun and interaction with other dogs, your dog will be delivered back home, tired, content and happy.

We walk mainly in groups and it is therefore imperative that your dog does not show any sign of dog-to-dog aggression and be friendly towards humans. We can in some cases also offer an early morning and late evening walk.

If your dog is timid or nervous around other dogs we can also offer a one to one walk, off or on lead. Please enquire regarding availability.

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