One to One training and Behaviour

Our goal is to integrate all dogs into a class setting to encourage on going socialization and utilize the class environment to help progress individual training or behavioural concerns.

We do however appreciate that one to one work may be necessary in the beginning

One to one training start from £30

Behaviour consultation start from £75

Follow up sessions start from £30

An initial consultation will  last between 1 and 2 hours depending on the problem, we are very hands on and possible outcomes of the consultation are:

  • that you will be shown on the day a range of training techniques to modify and change your dogs behaviour which will be followed up with a written report,
  • that you will be asked to attend follow up sessions to allow additional support,
  • that you will be asked to attend one of our specialized group sessions

Behavioural concerns are rarely remedied in one session and do require the commitment and efforts of the entire family to allow changes in your dogs behaviour to take place.

All behaviour consultations must be referred by your veterinary surgeon, you can find a Behaviour referral form here

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